We have created relationships of trust and closeness with our customers since 2001 and have developed more than digital systems and solutions, we also deliver the certainty of the result combined with the quality that each one of them deserves and trusts us.

During that time, we have also absorbed a lot of knowledge and experience, which made Eteg a reference in developing systems.

The digital transformation experienced by humanity in recent years has taught us that every sector must adapt to new trends and advances in technology in order to remain competitive; after all, customers are also part of this evolution and each time more they prefer those companies who offer innovation, technology and, of course, practicality. Having a system that integrates with the new technologies and maintains an assertive productivity of your team is imperative to keep up with the evolution of your sector.

You know your business more than anyone else. Its singularities, its context, and our systems development can help you boost your business to achieve your goals in an agile way that suits your needs.

For that, we analyze, diagnose and based on that, build new products or integrate the systems already used by your company.

Our experienced and qualified teams are always focused on finding specific solutions capable of bringing the latest technology to your business.

We provide systems development with continuous value through an agile approach.

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Our solutions
consist of

Creation of new digital products:

  • Support to define the minimum product to be developed (MVP);
  • Specification of the first squads;
  • Guidance on the path of product evolution;
  • App development.

Development in the right measure:

  • Project planning and prioritization, whether for new systems development or just improvements;
  • Definição do modelo squad: time, funcionamento, indicadores de produtividade;
  • Stages of the pilot project: history, prototyping, development, tests, homologation and implementation;
  • Documentation;
  • User training.

Integration and connectivity:

  • Technological evolution projects;
  • Integrations and implementations among systems;
  • Data migrations.