IT Diagnosis

Identify opportunities to improve your processes with our accurate IT diagnostics.

We point out gaps and possible improvements in their Information Technology processes. In addition, we offer support in software selection and management os changes related to your IT projects.

Processes Automation

Automate your processes and improve your company’s efficiency.

Our solutions in process automation (BPM), content management (ECM), real-time analysis (Analytics) and structuring your CRM are designed to build more efficient processes and drive your business growth.

Zendesk Implantation and Smart Customer Service Tools

Enhance your customer journey with Zendesk and smart service tools.

We carried out a diagnosis of the current scenario of the team that takes care of its customers and implemented Zendesk, the market-leading solution with high integration flexibility.

We develop technologies for Omnichannel support and ChatBots, simplifying and elevating your service, without losing focus on the customer experience.

Custom Software Development and Integrations

Find the ideal solution for your needs, bring innovation to your company and gain more market competitiveness!

Investing in customized solutions produces more effective and integrated processes, generating results and ROI.

Through our personalized approach and technology expertise, we identify development scenarios in order to build a customized and integrated solution for your company. All on a single screen.

IT Squad Allocation

Save resources and optimize your team’s productivity

Count on our specialized and agile team for the development of customized software.

Stay focused on the core business while we streamline the delivery of results.

Why is Eteg the best
for your company?

Successful Partnerships:

Our technology partnerships are based on common values to provide engagement, increase sales and improve your organization’s service. They are innovative companies that work together with us to offer more complete and integrated solutions to our customers.
Work with the big names in the market, such as Zendesk, Lecom, Falconi, DocuSign, Neomind and many others.

Customized and complete digital solutions:

No matter the size or segment of your company, we understand the needs of your business and develop customizable solutions, even considering the solutions already implemented in your business.
Nothing escapes our planning by our experienced and qualified team. We take into account the entire context of the organization to deliver results that are in line with your needs. From planning the solution to implementation, we accompany your company throughout the entire process.

Agile Results:

Our teams are focused on quick results, using methodologies to deliver short-term results. Therefore, they are perfectly qualified to deliver your project working in a few weeks, with efficient and satisfactory results.
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