Our process automation is developed according to your demand and your reality, and that’s why we offer the service in all market segments.

If your goal is to increase your team’s efficiency and reduce operation costs, count on us and we will give you the perfect operation!

Our team of specialists works closely with our customers, focused on understanding their needs and objectives, thus we identify and map all opportunities for improvement. The agile and effective methodology, added to years of experience, allows us to make adjustments and corrections in all types of processes, ensuring that their automation meets the specific needs of each client.

By automating processes, we can structure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and associate documents in a structured and organized way, with all the potential of an ECM (Enterprise Content Management). The technologies we use for the service are on platforms that cover more than BPM (Business Process Management), they also include ECM and Analytics (data analysis), for example. These platforms are used together to provide a more complete and efficient service to our customers.

Provide an environment of easy scalability for your business and manage your processes in a more integrated way.

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Get all the benefits of
process automation

Automating your company can bring several benefits that mean a true transformation in the organizational environment. Among them we can mention:

  1. Increased efficiency:
    Reduces the time required to complete a task and the number of errors, improving the efficiency of the operation.
  2. Cost reduction:
    Processes that are more efficient mean savings in human resources, materials and time, reducing your operating costs.
  3. Quality Improvement:
    Eliminates human errors and ensures processes are completed correctly and consistently.
  4. Greater transparency and visibility:
    Process automation can provide a clearer view of business processes, allowing the company to identify bottlenecks, problems and opportunities for improvement.
  5. Assertive decision-making:
    Data accuracy allows the company to make more assertive and strategic decisions, which can lead to better performance and results that are more expressive.
  6. Higher Customer Satisfaction:
    Helps the business provide faster, better quality service, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and subsequent customer loyalty.

Count on us to automate your processes

From diagnosis to implementation:

we offer the complete solution for what your company needs.

Data & Analytics:

  • Governance, engineering and data quality;
  • Design and data modeling;
  • Data Security and Compliance;
  • Business Intelligence (BA/BI).

Technological Diagnosis:

  • Generic assessment from the perspective of information technology (how it will be used, what the systemic architecture is, infrastructure, processes, etc.)
  • Technology gaps by technology pillar;
  • Prioritization directed to performance focused on results;
  • Strategic IT projects that bridge gaps;
  • Technology goals (by process and also by technological pillar);
  • Estimate of investments;
  • Support in software selection;
  • Planning the use of technology by each process.

Business Process Management (BPM):

  • Implementation of the process automation tool (BPMs);
  • Modeling, analysis, diagnosis and redesign of customer processes;
  • Consultancy for structuring the Processes Office (BPMO);
  • Governance in Business Processes;
  • Definition of the Business Process methodology;
  • Mentoring for automation.


  • Survey and prioritization of technical requirements;
  • RFP for software definition (when applicable);
  • Support in the selection and validation of tools and solutions;
  • (Re)Structuring of the team and processes (if necessary);
  • Project management;
  • Deployment Cells (BPMs, RPA, BA, BI).