Investing in customer experience currently is not exclusive to large companies, which have numerous branches and need to maintain a standard of customer service and delivery.

The so-called customer experience has been fundamental to any business strategy, regardless of the size and segment of your company.

Therefore, we work and constantly improve our teams to offer you the best customer experience solutions, all perfectly thought out and planned according to your needs.

Our unique ESC (Engagement, Sales and Customer Service) philosophy significantly improves your customer experience, helping you increase engagement for your brands, qualify your leads, increase your sales and fix service problems more efficiently without much effort.

We give your business the best technologies for creating chatbots with or without the use of artificial intelligence, capable of revolutionizing your customer service. We also help your company use WhatsApp in favor of productivity, eliminating gaps and strengthening communication between your team members.

We make service transparent in all its channels through Omnichannel solutions with the implementation of Zendesk tools. This integrated approach allows your business to offer a unified shopping and customer service experience across all communication channels, whether physical stores, websites, mobile apps, chatbots, social networks, email, among others.

In practice, your customer will be able to initiate the purchase in a physical store, but finish the process by smartphone, for example, without any problems related to this change of channel. Not to mention, of course, that the solution allows the company to have a unified view of the customer, integrating data from all communication channels and offering a customer experience perfectly suited to their preferences.

Have a more effective, organized and productive service and relationship management with your customers!

Hire the omnichannel solution now.

Your customer experience
leveraging your business

Among the benefits of the strategy we can highlight:

  1. Customer retention:
    the customer tends to return and recommend the company to other people when he feels satisfied in this relationship;
  2. Improvement of the company’s image:
    by showing that it cares about a good customer experience, the company values its own image, which can lead to more customers and businesses;
  3. Greater engagement:
    satisfaction with this experience favors greater involvement with the company, whether participating in promotions, interacting on social networks or even giving important feedback for future strategies;
  4. Cost reduction:
    the customer experience is capable of reducing costs with service, marketing and advertising, as customers themselves become promoters of your brand;
  5. Increased Revenue
    More satisfied customers tend to spend more and close more businesses with your company.

Learn how Eteg can provide these benefits to your business

What we offer for your business:

Consulting and Implementation:

  • Ensuring quick implementation of Zendesk Solutions (Fast Start)
  • Improve the customer/employee journey (CX)
  • Training for the team responsible for the project
  • Monthly support for your company to make the most of the solution!

Customization on demand:

  • Targeted help and best practices
  • Guide and Explore customization (reports)


  • Integrations and migrations
  • App development through partners such as Aivo and 55PBX

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We combine our more than 21 years of experience with technology from Zendesk – the world leader in customer service software – to provide the best for our customers.

We automate your company’s demands with authority in the market. Count on our experience in consulting, implementation, integration, training and take advantage of the best practices in Zendesk solutions.

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